Is That Matthew Lesko Character For Real?

Of all the television personalities out there on late night commercials and one-in-the-morning infomercials, Matthew Lesko has got to be the most entertaining. Because of his wild and hilarious sense of showmanship, and let’s be honest, his status as an infomercial personality, you’re probably wondering if he’s on the level, or just someone who’s figured out an amusing way to scam consumers.

Well, basically, yeah, he’s on the level. All of his information that he provides in those phone-book-thick books, it’s all one hundred percent legit, it’s all straight up, factual and up to date. So on that level, he’s totally trustworthy. If you browse through one of his massive volumes, you’re probably going to find a grant or loan that applies to your situation sooner or later.

It’s also worth noting that, well, not only is Lesko’s advice sound and truthful, but that’s his real wardrobe, too. Yep, he actually wears that insane suit, the bow tie, the mismatched socks and colorful glasses when he’s just driving around town… In his yellow question mark covered Lexus… So really, that’s not even a character he’s playing on TV, that’s the real Matt Lesko, every bit as eccentric as he is on stage.

There are some who have accused Matt Lesko of plagiarism, but this accusation is a little odd. Lesko does research information that’s publicly available to everyone, he does compile his books directly from government texts on the subject, and he himself has even admitted that he doesn’t pay a dime for any of the info that goes into these books.

But, is this any different from, say, a researcher who goes to a library and compiles a hundred years of the research of others into a smaller, digestible volume? Browsing through Lesko’s book is a lot easier than doing all of the research on your own, at the very least.

Whatever criticisms levied at Matthew Lesko and his ridiculous suit, the final verdict was probably best summed up in an episode of the animated series “The Venture Brothers”, when his “villainous” question mark suit was shown to contrast his nature as a “good guy” who “helps people get free cash from the government”, so, you know, he can’t be ALL bad, right? However crazy his infomercials, the information is actually sound.

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