Government Funding for Sport in Australia

Government Funding for Sport in Australia

Australia has a reputation for providing the world with legendary sports men and woman, world class facilities, sporting technology and arguably the worlds number one development base. With Australia being a first world nation and a country with such a solid financial base; it is interesting to look at government funding in sport and recreation activities.

The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) conducted a study for the financial year of 2000/2001 into government funding in sport and recreation activities. In this study there were various conclusive results that were found.

Government funding for sport and recreation activities is split into three different sectors, National (Australian Commonwealth) Government funding, State-Territory Government funding and Local Government funding. In the research study of the financial year of 2000/2001 by the ABS it was found that the total expenditure for sport and recreation activities was ,124.2 million. Of this figure National Government contributed 8.9 million, State and Territory contributed 5.2 million and Local Government contributed ,050.1 million.

The figure of ,124.2 Million (2000/2001) also includes expenditure on the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. While other state and territory governments contributed funds to build facilities and host international athletes to compete and train, it was primarily the national and New South Wales state governments that contributed most to the event. The New South Wales state government contribution was 2.3 million, while the national government estimated figure was .8 million.

National government funding for the financial year of 2000/2001 was split primarily into four groups. Special events (including Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games) received .0 million (39%), Regulation and control received .7 million (20%), Administration/policy and planning received .8 million (15%) and Coaching and training (including Australian Institute of Sport) received .4 million (12%).

In the financial year of 2000/2001 the majority of state and territory government funding was received by the Special events category, however it must be noted that the majority of this was directed to the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Due to the A.C.T.(Australian Capital Territory) being the base for municipality functions for sports venues, grounds and recreation parks it was found that the A.C.T. had the highest expenditure rate per person of population of 5.4 million.

Local government funding was primarily directed towards recreation parks and waterways which received 7.4 million (56%); however venues and sports grounds also received a substantial portion with 0.1 million.

The Australian governments contribute a large and widely dispersed figure to sport and recreation activities. With such funding Australia will continue to produce and provide sporting stars, facilities and events for the world to enjoy.


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