Government funding is a bottomless pit of public hospitals imminent restructuring – hospitals, medical – medical equipment industry

Government funding is a bottomless pit of public hospitals imminent restructuring – hospitals, medical – medical equipment industry

Medical reform of public sector restructuring to break the ice

“More than 16,000 nationwide all waiting for government funding of public hospitals, not enough to fill the budget more bottomless pit. It must be some restructuring of public medical institutions to non-public schools, Medical Office is a general trend to diversify. “Health Policy, legal experts said Professor Zhuo Xiaoqin,” published this year, a new medical reform program will certainly be involved in the system reform of medical institutions. ”

Following the “basic health care (public health),” “drug distribution”, “health insurance” focus on tackling health care reform the three new objects become a hot topic after another, the medical reform in the last piece of ice – medical sector restructuring, After two years of silence, once again quietly surfaced.

On March 21 by the State Council’s “health” Eleventh Five-Year “Plan” clearly put forward, “continues to encourage and guide the society to actively participate in multi-channel development of medical and health services, to expand the supply of health services. ”

However, the formulation of public sector restructuring policy? Currently remains uncertain.

Imminent restructuring of medical institutions It is understood that, in 2003, 2004, a restructuring of China’s high time the hospital, but by the end of 2004, the Ministry of Health officials said at a forum on the clear “ownership reform is not health care reform next step in the core of the city, nor is the main content . “This statement is considered to reflect the health administrative departments at the time the mainstream view, in the subsequent two years time, the restructuring of the heat drop down. The industry had expected to be introduced in 2006, “Hospital restructuring guidance,” the official text released yet so far.

“Four issues facing the medical reform, the basic health care (Public Health), pharmaceutical distribution, medical insurance, are all closely related with the daily life of ordinary people, so concerned about the very high degree. Medical reform appears to be an internal The problem has not been discussed openly in the community. However, this serves as an urgent need to solve the problem. If the health care system issues within the organization did not straighten out, how policy-making sector can be safely put into it? “Zhuo Xiaoqin said.

“Restructuring of the hospital, according to our survey found that, basically after the restructuring, the overall efficiency of the hospital have been improved, although the level of increase is not great.” Ministry of Health, Institute of Policy Research Office of Health Economics at Ren Shiguang the recently held “2007 China in the field of public health care – private partnership forum” revealed.

Another stone of light as the country prepared to develop new medical reform program participants. He told the forum on the care delivery model and future strategy of choice speech, reveals a lot of research information on the hospital restructuring. This has raised speculation that the medical sector restructuring in the medical reform in the possession of much weight?

This, stone of light that temporarily can not say much. However, the stone-ray revealed that their survey found that local areas to promote the hospital system reform is often not the most active health administrative department, but the local government sector. In the hospital restructuring process, the relative poverty of the western regions the proportion of hospital restructuring in economically developed areas than in the eastern high. In the east, a high proportion of hospital restructuring often concentrated in poor local cities and counties, such as Suqian, Heze, Shandong and other places.

With industry experts on this analysis, which “Qiongzesibian” is a major cause.

“Select the appropriate restructuring of medical institutions, the medical field can stimulate the vitality and enthusiasm to improve the problem of insufficient investment.” Chinese Health Economics Institute Academic Committee DU Le-xun told reporters. Ministry of Health policy as a major behind the high participation, DU Le-xun had been restructured public sector research, in his view, China’s medical industry, the market is 13% annual growth rate, as the one-year return on investment of private hospitals may be 40% and stable. “So the hospital is a capital market investment in a hot spot.”


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