Government Grants ? a Guide to Obtain One

Government Grants ? a Guide to Obtain One

Basically, government grants are free money given to qualified civilians who need financial assistance to help in whatever particular situation. Government grants are not loans that have to be repaid but rather free money which is offered to anyone who tries to do something for the community or for any other purpose.

Government grants can be availed by the less fortunate people, middle class or even the rich and there are practically thousands of grants available. The government grants are not advertised by the government and so it is left to the eligible persons to do some research and find out the grants that they qualify for. The reality is that most of the grants go unused because people do not know that there exist such grants and lack information pertaining to them. It is real free money and the opportunity can be seized when it is available.

But there are some rules and norms to follow while receiving a government grant. First, a person has to qualify to get a grant and fill up the application with genuine information. If it is found that the details furnished are not true, then, the chances of receiving the grant are remote and further, legal action may be taken on the applicant.

After receiving the grant, the recipient has to follow the guidelines strictly provided by the government. There are various types of grants offered by the different departments of the federal government, ranging from scholarships and fellowships including grants for small business, artistic endeavors and many more.

The financial background of an individual is immaterial to qualify for government grants. Whether it is small business or large business or individuals just starting a business, can avail of government grants. Those who have poor credit history or have filed bankruptcy are not prevented from applying for government grants, which holds good for organizations too.

But all grants are not available all year round. When the government agency comes up with the funding of the grant, it announces to the federal register that the grant is available. Government grants strictly follow the rules and procedure to award grants for the needy and it cannot be speeded up by any single person and a person claiming so, is a fake. There are sites to get information on government grants that include both genuine and scam sites. So, the applicant has to differentiate between the two.

The government grants are non- taxable and do not require to submit any credit check, security deposit, co signers or a collateral. All that is required is that the applicant has to be a U.S citizen, above eighteen years of age and a tax payer. There is a time limit to the number of days the applications are received and grants awarded and even if the application is delayed by a single day, it is liable to be rejected and hence, it is wise to make use of the government grants promptly.


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