Is This Matthew Lesko Character On The Level?

Of all of the late night television personalities, the guys out there on the tube at one in the morning telling you that you can make money and get fit and extend a certain part of your anatomy, one of the few who’s really on the level is probably Matthew Lesko. Of course, even so, anyone with a ridiculous suit and an infomercial, well, you’re probably going to be thinking it’s a scam, right?

Well, basically, yeah, he’s on the level. All of his information that he provides in those phone-book-thick books, it’s all one hundred percent legit, it’s all straight up, factual and up to date. So on that level, he’s totally trustworthy. If you browse through one of his massive volumes, you’re probably going to find a grant or loan that applies to your situation sooner or later.

It may also be worth noting that Lesko actually drives around in that Riddler suit of his now and then when going about his business in his hometown, and, get this, drives a Lexus covered in yellow question marks, so… It’s difficult to accuse the “FREE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT!” guy to even be a “character” he plays, because… That’s really how he dresses a lot of the time.

There are some who have accused Lesko of cashing in on a form of plagiarism, which is a bit of an odd accusation. The Lesko business model is to research publicly available books and files on government grants and loans, and then collect all of the relevant information into a single volume. Lesko himself has admitted that he gets all his information for free.

But, is this any different from, say, a researcher who goes to a library and compiles a hundred years of the research of others into a smaller, digestible volume? Browsing through Lesko’s book is a lot easier than doing all of the research on your own, at the very least.

Whatever the criticisms levied at Lesko and his ridiculous suit and wild antics, his cameo in the Adult Swim series “The Venture Brothers” sums it up pretty well: He helps people get free money from the government, so he can’t be all bad. Crazy infomercials and silly suits aside, the information provided in his books are actually completely sound and sensible, however the presentation on late night TV.

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