Government Grants to Settle Credit Card Debts

Government Grants to Settle Credit Card Debts

Every person goes through a phase of financial difficulty every now and then in life. One of such financial problems is credit card debts. There are ways to get rid of these debts, and one among those ways is using Government Grants to pay off credit card debts. Every year billions of dollars are set aside just to help people with these debts, but many of us don’t make use of it, because we aren’t even aware of the existence of such Government Grants. So if we have such grants, why not go apply for it, and pay off your credit card debts once and for all.

Government Grants vs. Bank Loans

Government Grants are much easier to obtain than other forms of financial assistance like bank loans to pay off credit card bills. This is because banks would always want you to give some kind of personal/collateral security, while applying for government grants doesn’t have any such requirement. But there is a common factor among the government grants and bank loans. That is, you will get it only if you deserve it. Bank loans wants you give them proof to assure if you can pay the loan back, while government grants wants to ensure that you really can’t pay off the credit card debts without the grants.


The process starts with applying for government grants. Once you have applied, the people accepting the application would review your situation, like if you have the funds to pay off your debts, the amount of money you owe, and finally if you can pay off the debts and still maintain the debts in future. If they could get convinced that you can’t really pay off this debt without your financial resources, the grant would be sanctioned to you.

Advantage of Government Grants

     There are few benefits of such grants.

You can obtain the grant without providing any personal/collateral security if you can prove that you really can’t pay it back with your own funds.
You need not pack back the money because it’s a grant by the government to aid you not a loan that has to be paid back.
There is neither tax nor interest on the amount of grant you are given by the government.

Better Economy:

When you use government grants to pay off your credit card debts, you don’t owe any more money in the future or you need not have to repay it. When the amount of debts gets reduced it paves way for a better economy. At the same time in case you sought any other financial aid, the debt doesn’t get eliminated forever. Instead of credit card debts you would be paying the interest on the loan you took to get rid of the previous debt.


The main motive of the government behind such grants is to improve the economy and because of the availability of such grants number of people applying for bankruptcy also reduces, which is yet another better sign for a good economic condition.

Government Grants is a blessing in disguise to all those who are finding no way out to get rid of their credit card debts. So, go for it only if your credit card bills can never be paid off with your own funds. Or else let those people benefit out of it who really are in need of such grants.

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