All About Free Government Grants

All About Free Government Grants

Each year the federal government awards approximately 0 billion in federal government grants. Unlike a personal or business loan, a federal government grant does not have to be repaid. There are no credit checks so individuals with less than favorable credit history can take advantages of the awards. Likewise, organizations with partners who may have undesirable credit may also apply. In addition, there is no need for collateral or a security deposit to be presented. United States residents and legal residents are eligible for federal government grant awards.

One of the largest recipient groups for federal government grant awards is women and minority owned businesses. There is over 1 billion dollars set aside each year to help a woman or minority owned business start up. Women businesses alone are allotted billion in federal government grant award money. In addition to this, money is set aside to be utilized by selected woman and minority applicants for educational purposes. This can include going back to school or enrolling in college for the first time.

The federal government grant awards are allocated for educational purposes as well. For the purposes of a college education, the Pell Grant and the Stafford Loans are available grant programs. The current allocation amount for these awards is approximately billion. The federal grant education program further breaks awards down into the undergraduate and graduate categories. This will entitle approximately 9 million people access to a higher education this year alone.

One of the keys to obtaining a federal government grant award is in the writing of the proposal or application. Leaving an application area blank or not filling it in completely could delay a grant application by a few weeks or more. Federal government grant awards are readily available to individuals and organizations. The only requirement is a little investment in time and research to find the grant program that suite the needs of an individual or organization in need of financial assistance.


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