Solar Panel Do It Yourself Solar System – Why Wouldn’t You?

Please excuse me, because I want to discuss the solar panel do it yourself solar system, but for a little while, it might seem I’m going off topic. I hope you’ll indulge me, because it’s really important.

The cost of energy is skyrocketing. The supply of natural resources is dwindling. As these resources continue to dwindle the prices are just going to keep rising.

The mind numbing fact of the matter is, almost every country in the world today has become a voluntary slave to a planetary energy protocol that has no basis in logic, or even sanity. So if you have been waiting around hoping that your government is going to help you out, you might be waiting a long, long time, if you catch my meaning.

The president of the USA in the late 1970’s tried to move us away from this insane energy policy and into the direction of solar and renewable energy. He had a vision for our future that would have put us n a far better place today, if we had stayed the course.

But we didn’t. He had put solar panels that were similar to the solar panel do it yourself solar system, on the white house and created programs to get us started on the road to energy independence and a clean environment. But, the next president, who was wholly owned by the energy companies, as would be every president since then, came in and took the panels off the roof and dismantled the renewable energy program.

So that leads us to here and now, in utter bankruptcy, of more than one kind… on the precipice of a possible greatest depression yet. It did not have to play out this way. It should be a whole lot different.

So, what are we going to do? What are YOU going to do? What are you going to do for your family and your children and grandchildren? What is to be your legacy for your family?

How about this? Don’t wait for anyone to save you. Do the American thing and save yourself. What is stopping you from building solar panels, and hooking them up to your home and start using less power from the energy companies?

You can do it like a Lego system and keep connecting them together, further reducing your consumption, and maybe you will end up getting off the grid altogether. Or better yet — Maybe you will stay connected and you will get paid from the power company for the energy units that you sell to them.

That would be awesome; wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it be so good if you did not need to ever be concerned about black outs or brown outs, and to move your family in the direction of real self sufficiency? What is to stop you from starting a garden and eating some real food again, even as you are building your solar panel do it yourself solar system.?

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