Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late for a CheckUp

When you have an injury to your body it usually involves the muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and or sometimes the discs in your back. When you are on a tight budget it is hard to justify going to a doctor’s clinic let alone a hospital so we justify to ourselves that we will be fine. However when that “scratch” becomes infected, swollen and you are in extreme pain, would you visit a doctors clinic then? What if you just thought your neck or back hurt but you thought it might go away with a good night’s sleep only to find in the morning that you can’t get out of bed and when you do struggle to get out of bed you find yourself on the floor- do you then crawl to the phone to call someone for help?

There is no doubt, the day and age we live in today is much harder on the pocket book and with health care laws in constant motion do we really know what Medicare, covers now? There is hope however and there are companies out there that have your best interest at heart. Social Service Coordinators knows that in this economy who doesn’t need a helping hand when it comes to paying bills?

With Social Service Coordinators they have people working hard to assist you with a program called Social Service Checkup- this FREE on-line tool helps someone with Medicare qualify for and take advantage of local, state, and or federal programs that can help pay for prescription drugs, telephone cost assistance, energy assistance, transportation, and many more valuable programs.

When you visit sscincorporated, it is a very simple process, as you answer a few questions a list will be compiled just for you as to the programs you qualify for, then you can print this list out and get started with any or all of the programs that fit your needs.

Get a “CheckUp”- put yourself first; not only does this help your quality of life but it has an overall effect on the health and well-being of those around you as you get the much needed financial relief you need. Get the health benefits you qualify for and start today enjoying a healthy, long life.

Want to find out more about health care benefits, then visit for all your needs.