Taking Advantage of Free Government Grants

Taking Advantage of Free Government Grants

Each year the federal government awards approximately 0 billion to individuals and organizations in the form of federal government grants. These grants are awarded to small and larges businesses, individuals just starting a business or the one who has been in business for around 20 years or more. Regardless of what the purpose of use is, the federal government has established the grant program to provide financial awards to individuals and organizations.

Financial background does not apply in the federal government grants process. Individuals who have poor credit or who have previously filled for bankruptcy are not barred from applying. Same holds true for organizations that may have one or more partners with a less than favorable credit history. United States citizens and legal residents are eligible to apply for a federal government grant. There is no credit check, collateral or security deposit required or the need for a co-signer to receive funding. Once eligibility requirements have been met, any amount of money may be awarded providing it will be utilized for legal purposes.

Have an interest in starting a small business? There is a federal government grant specifically for this purpose. Ross Perot started his first business utilizing funds awarded from a federal government grant. The federal government sets aside approximately billion each year to fund applications submitted by small business owners. In addition to this, over billion has been set aside to help entrepreneurs have continued success of their businesses.

Another popular federal government grant award is housing grants. Through this category, the federal government sets aside approximately 0 million each year for housing grant awards. In order to ease the process of home buying for individuals with less than favorable credit, the federal government programs work to relax the credit requirements for home ownership. Regardless of the purpose for acquiring a federal government grant, the money is available. It just takes a little investment in time and research to locate where that free government grant money is.


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