The truth on US government grant programs

The truth on US government grant programs

Believe it or not, US government grants are not given away for free.

Contrary to popular belief, the government of the United States is not giving away money in the form of a grant.

What is a US government grant?

Hector Milla Editor of the “Free Scholarships And Grants” website — — pointed out;

“…First things first, a government grant is not something that could be found under the tree come Christmas eve.  It is not a present.  The American Government and Politics define a grant as a kind of a gift that requires particular obligations in the grantee’s part at the same time some kind of expectations in the grantor’s part…”

The best things in life are – really – not free
Take note that a US government grant require some obligations.  Though government grants, once received, will seem to pour in, not being able to fulfill these grants will eventually lead to a lot of legal problems.

Grants serve what purpose?

As much as it is possible, a majority of US government grant programs are actually awarded to those organizations that are planning some projects that will definitely benefit a particular community.

Some government grants for instance award a project focused on paving a neighborhood street.  Others meanwhile focus on the re-training of workers that are displaced.  There are also government grants that attract businesses in a downtown area that is depressed.  A US government grant program has also helped made possible a conserve water program as well as a project for flood-control in the whole country.

These projects are then required by the government to be able to meet strict standards of performance and so should be followed throughout the project’s duration.

Expenses in government grants

Any expenditures brought about by the project and its completion are to be accounted for through audits that are detailed.  This audit is generally conducted by the government in an annual fashion.  This deed makes sure that all the funds granted are spent, and as much as possible, spent appropriately.

Be aware that any money that was not spent has to go directly back to the US Treasury.  Goals for the program need to be developed in detail, approved by the necessary persons, and such goals are to be carried out as exactly specified during the application of the grant.

“…Any changes must first be duly approved by the US government.  The phases the project will undergo are required to be completed as scheduled  and as successfully as possible…” added H. Milla.

All in all, any projects funded by US government grants must be successfully completed, as it benefits society mostly, at the government’s expense.

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