School Breakfast Program

Food and Nutrition Service – To assist States in providing a nutritious nonprofit breakfast service for school children, through cash grants and food donations….

State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) What Works and Innovation Fund, Recovery Act

Department of Education – To recognize (a) local educational agencies (LEAs), or (b) partnerships between a nonprofit organization and one or more LEAs or a consortium of schools that have made significant gains in closing achievement gaps and enable…

Emergency Food Assistance Program (Administrative Costs)

Food and Nutrition Service – To help supplement the diets of low-income persons by making funds available to States for processing, storage and distribution costs incurred by State agencies and local organizations in providing food assistance to nee…

Rural Development, Forestry, and Communities

Forest Service – To help rural areas analyze and assess forest resource opportunities, maximize local economic potential through market development and expansion, and diversify communities’ economic base….

Migratory Bird Conservation

Fish and Wildlife Service – To maintain and enhance populations and habitats of migratory bird species found in the Upper Midwest (IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI)….