Medicare Patients Get a CheckUp

You got up early went to work every day, maybe you had kids you needed to get ready for school, you find the weather is not cooperating and traffic is slow, meaning you will be late for work. At work you had the stress of your job, boss, and deadlines…you’ve since retired. Now is the time for your “Golden” years however how is your health? Do you go see a doctor regularly?

That was just a scenario that might happen to you but there are many ways our bodies get injured. The concern is that if you were to injury your body and should see a doctor do you hesitate because of the potential of medical bills. In this economy times are tough and with all the new health bills being pushed around who really knows what Medicare, covers? There is hope however and there are companies out there that have your best interest at heart.

With Social Service Coordinators they have people working hard to assist you with a program called Social Service Checkup- this FREE on-line tool helps someone with Medicare qualify for and take advantage of local, state, and or federal programs that can help pay for prescription drugs, telephone cost assistance, energy assistance, transportation, and many more valuable programs.

It’s a very simple process: visit sscincorporated, answer a few questions that let you know what you are qualified for and then just for you a list of programs will be provided that you can print out, look over the list and then determine from the many programs offered to you, which ones will meet your needs and then you are ready to get started. It is really that simple.

There are many people with Medicare who have low-incomes, but do not quite qualify for full Medicaid as was just mentioned you can get help with your bills, getting a “CheckUp” not only brings much-needed relief from some of the financial challenges but aids in keeping oneself healthy.

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